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With this software, you can know at what distance you can see a point at the horizon, knowing the height of this point and your own height, or the height needed to see a point when you know its height and at what distance from you it stands.

Configuration needed : this software runs only under Windows. It was tested under Windows 98 and Windows NT 4; you should not have any problem with more recent versions of Windows.

Principle : the Earth curvature hides objects that are too far or too low. This software establishes if a light beam going from a given point can reach the observer.

Display : For each of the two points, the software displays its height and its distance from the horizon. It also displays the total distance between the two points, which is the sum of the two preceding distances.

Instructions : The 5 values can be modified, and the other values are automatically modified. When you modifiy the total distance,the last modified point is left unchanged and only the other point is updated. You can for example give the height of the observed point and its distance from the observer; the software computes the minimum height of the observer needed to see the observed point.

Language : you can choose between French (default) and English : just click on the corresponding button.

Problems : You shoud not have any problem with this software. Should it be the case, send a message with a description of the problem (specify the Windows version of your computer)

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